Sieur David HYPPOLITE ( - )

1. Sieur David Montolieu de St. HYPPOLITE has few details recorded about him.


David was the scion of a family that contributed many brave soldiers to the Huguenot cause. Daivd Montolieu left France after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, entered teh Dutch Army, came over with William of Orange in 1688, and joined the English Army. For conspicuous valour in the fighting in Piedmont in 1704 he was created Baron de St. Hyppolite of the Holy Roman Empire by the Emperor Joseph I. In the British service he attained the rank of Lieutenant-General.


David Montolieu de St. HYPPOLITE had the following children:


Elizabeth MONTOLIEU DE ST. HYPPOLITE ( -1677). Elizabeth died on [Julian] 21 November 1677. She married Gideon MURRAY on [Julian] 30 June 1746 in London.