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Emmeline CRO(W)MER ( - )

1. Emmeline CRO(W)MER, daughter of Sir William CROMER of Willingham ( - ) and Margaret Squery, B. Poynings? ( - ), married James FIENES circa 1419 in Willingham, Cambridgeshire.


James FIENES and Emmeline CRO(W)MER had the following children:


William FIENES (c. 1442-1471). William was born circa 1442 in Broughton Castle, Oxfordshire. He had the title '2nd Baron Saye and Sele'. He died on 14 April 1471 in the Battle of Barnet.

Second Generation

2. Sir William CROMER of Willingham was a Lord Mayor of London. He married Margaret Squery, B. Poynings?.


3. Margaret Squery, B. Poynings? has few details recorded about her. She and William CROMER had the following children:



Emmeline CRO(W)MER ( - )