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Sibille TINGRY (c. 1132- )

1. Sibille de Bolougne TINGRY, daughter of Pharamus de Boulogne de Tingry (c. 1105- ) and Matilda ( - ), was born circa 1132. She married Ingelram de FIENES.


Ingelram de FIENES and Sibille de Bolougne TINGRY had the following children:


William de FIENES (1160-1241). William was born in 1160. He had the title '1st Baron Fiennes'. He died in 1241 in Wendover, Bucks..

Second Generation

2. Pharamus de Boulogne de Tingry, son of William de Boulogne, was born circa 1105 in England. He married Matilda.


‘But the greatest of the barons of the Boulonnais in the twelfth century in England was Feramus or Pharamus seigneur of Tingry whom I have made the subject of a monograph. Known in England as Faramus of Boulogne he was the son of a William of Boulogne who held land in Surrey and Northamptonshire under Henry I, and a grandson of Geoffrey son-presumably natural son-of Count Eustace II. Maternally Faramus was a grandson of a Domesday tenant in chief Geoffrey de Mandeville ancestor of the earls of Essex.”.


3. Matilda has few details recorded about her. She and Pharamus de Boulogne de Tingry had the following children:



Sibille de Bolougne TINGRY (c. 1132- )

Third Generation

4. William de Boulogne, son of Geoffrey (Godefroy) Lord of Carshalton (Alton) and Beatrice de Mandeville, was born circa 1080. He died before 1130.


William de Boulogne had the following children:



Pharamus de Boulogne de Tingry (c. 1105- )