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John WENTWORTH (bef1637-aft1716)

1. John WENTWORTH, son of Hugh WENTWORTH ( - ) and Mary UNK ( - ), was born before 1637 in Smiths, Bermuda. He married Susannah LEA before December 1683 in Bermuda. He died after 7 October 1716 in Warwiick, Bermuda.


Susannah LEA and John WENTWORTH had the following children:


Mary WENTWORTH (c. 1690-1761). Mary was born circa 1690 in Bermuda. She married Daniel SMITH before 1716. She died in [Julian] January 1761 in Bermuda.

Hugh WENTWORTH (aft1691- ). Hugh was born after [Julian] August 1691 in Warwick, Bermuda (Probably).

Philip WENTWORTH (aft1691- ). Philip was born after [Julian] 24 August 1691 in Warwick.

John WENTWORTH (aft1722- ). John was born after [Julian] 5 July 1722.

Second Generation

2. Hugh WENTWORTH married Mary UNK.


3. Mary UNK has few details recorded about her. She and Hugh WENTWORTH had the following children:



John WENTWORTH (bef1637-aft1716)