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John SMITH ( -1813)

1. John SMITH, son of unk SMITH ( - ), was born in Scarborough. He was a Ship Owner. He died in 1813. He married Charlotte BURNETT.


Apparently, he and his brother? were ship owners in Scarborugh.


Charlotte BURNETT and John SMITH had the following children:


John OWEN SMITH (1804-1871). John was born in 1804 in Scarborough. He was an Owner of a Shipping Company. He married Elizabeth GILBERT on 3 August 1826 in Grahamstown, Albany, Cape Colony. He died on 10 August 1871 in London.

Charlotte Rebecca SMITH (1808-1871). Charlotte was born in 1808. She married Adolph HECKRATH in 1834. She died in 1871.

Sarah SMITH ( - )

Second Generation

2. unk SMITH has few details recorded about him.


unk SMITH had the following children:



John SMITH ( -1813)

James SMITH ( - )