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Crinan MORMAER OF ATHOLL (c. 975-c. 1045)

1. Crinan (Grimus) MORMAER OF ATHOLL, son of Duncan Mormaer of Atholl (1001- ) and Sybil Aelflaed of Northumbria ( - ), was born circa 0975. He had the title 'Mormaer of Atholl, Abthane of Dule'. He married Bethoc (Beatrix) of Scotland circa 1000. He died circa 1045.


Steward of the Western Isles; Lay Abbot (Hereditary) of Dunkeld.


Bethoc (Beatrix) of Scotland and Crinan (Grimus) MORMAER OF ATHOLL had the following children:


Duncan I KING OF SCOTLAND (c. 1001-1040). Duncan was born circa 1001. He died on [Julian] 14 August 1040 in Bothnagowan nr. Elgin.


Second Generation

2. Duncan Mormaer of Atholl was born in 1001. He married Sybil Aelflaed of Northumbria.


3. Sybil Aelflaed of Northumbria has few details recorded about her. She and Duncan Mormaer of Atholl had the following children:



Crinan (Grimus) MORMAER OF ATHOLL (c. 975-c. 1045)