James CARPENTER (c. 1848- )

1. James CARPENTER was born circa 1848 in Middlesex. He was a Clothier/Draper. He married Emily HURLOCK.


Emily HURLOCK and James CARPENTER had the following children:


William H CARPENTER (1875?- ). William was born in 1875 (calculated). He was a Boot Shop (Bookshop?) salesman.

James Edward Jr. CARPENTER (1876?- ). James was born in 1876 (calculated). He was a Commercial Traveller. He married Hilda Maude SHIRES in 1917.

Alfred Ivanhoe CARPENTER (1880?- ). Alfred was born in 1880 (calculated). He was a Builder's Clerk. Bombadier. He was a Bombadier. He died in The Somme - blown up.