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George STIRLING ( - )

1. George STIRLING, son of unk STIRLING ( - ), was a Surgeon; Member of Parliament. He appeared in the census.


Very little is known of this eminent Edinburgh surgeon, except a rather unusual anecdote, showing his sympathies with the the martyred Rev. James Guthrie:

A little before coming out of the tolbooth to proceed to execution, his wife embracing him said, "Now, my heart," her usual way of addressing him, "your time is drawing nigh, and I must take my last farewell of you."?Ay, you must," he answered, "for henceforth I know no man after the flesh." Before being brought out to suffer, a request was made to the authorities by his friends, to allow him to wear his hat on the way to the scaffold, and also that they would not pinion him until he reached the place of execution. Both requests were at first denied; the former absolutely, because, as was alleged, the marquis of Argyle, who had been executed a short while before, had worn his hat, in going to the scaffold; in a manner markedly indicative of defiance and contempt, and which had given much offence. To the latter request, that he might not be pinioned, they gave way so far, on a representation being made that he could not walk without his staff, on account of the rose being in one of his legs, as to allow him so much freedom in his arms as to enable him to make use of that support, but From the story of the demise of the Rev. James Guthrie, comes this anecdote about George Stirling:

.... they would not altogether dispense with that fatal preparation. Having ascended the scaffold, he delivered with a calm and serene countenance an impressive address to those around him; justified all for which he was about to suffer, and recommended all who heard him to adhere firmly to the covenant. After hanging for some time, his head was struck off and placed on the Netherbow Port, where it remained for seven and twenty years, when it was taken down and buried by a Mr Alexander Hamilton at the hazard of his own life. The body, after being beheaded, was carried to the Old Kirk, where it was dressed by a number of ladies who waited its arrival for that purpose; many of whom, besides, dipped their napkins in his blood, that they might preserve them as memorials of so admired a martyr. While these gentlewomen were in the act of discharging this pious duty, a young gentleman suddenly appeared amongst them, and without any explanation, proceeded to pour out a bottle of rich perfume on the dead body. "God bless you, sir, for this labour of love," said one of the ladies, and then without uttering a word, this singular visitor departed. He was, however, afterwards discovered to be a surgeon in Edinburgh named George Stirling.


STIRLING George - Scot

1694.00.00 - 1694.30.03 MD

[Date of Utrecht MD in Leyden volume is 1690]; Thesis `de scorbuto'; MA Edin 1690; Probably the Edinburgh surgeon who became physician FRCP Edin. George Stirling MD of Haddington; Died before 1731; Edinburgh Testaments 1712; [Not inscribed]. 543/292-3; 546/172-3; 860; 882/05&13. Leyden.


George STIRLING had the following children:


Elizabeth STIRLING (bef1683-1756). Elizabeth was born before 1683. She appeared in the census. She celebrated her Bar Mitzvah. She married Alexander MURRAY in February 1698. She died on 11 November 1756.

Second Generation

2. unk STIRLING has few details recorded about him.


unk STIRLING had the following children:



George STIRLING ( - )