Colonel Abraham WHITHAM ( -bef1797)

1. Colonel Abraham WHITHAM was a Consul General of Majorca. He appeared in the census. He died before 1797. He married Mary UNK.


Ann was his third daughter. ....the King has approved the continuance of ?50 p.a. to "the Widow of Mr. Whitham late Consul in Majorca",

Minorca constitutional history: Minorca was captured by the British in 1709 during the War of the Spanish Succession, and retained under the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713. The island was captured by the French in 1756 and ceded back to Britain in 1763 at the end of the Seven Years' War. Britain returned Minorca to Spain in 1783 as part of the settlement of the American War of Independence.


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As early as May 1715, a report was current among the Jacobites of Scotland, of the design of the Chevalier de St. George to make a descent on Great Britain, in order to recover the crown, in consequence of which they began to bestir themselves, by providing arms, horses, &c. These and other movements indicated to the government that an insurrection was intended. Bodies of armed men were seen marching towards the Highlands, and a party of Highlanders appeared in arms near Inverlochy, which was, however, soon dispersed. In this situation of matters, the lords-justices sent down to Scotland a considerable number of half-pay officers, to officer the militia of the country, under the direction of Major-General Whitham, then commander-in-chief in Scotland. These prompt measures alarmed the Jacobites, who, after several consultations, returned to their homes. As the lords-justices had received information that the chevalier intended to land in North Britain, they offered a reward of £100,000 sterling for his apprehension.


Mary UNK and Abraham WHITHAM had the following children:


Mary WHITHAM (1750?-1825). Mary was born in 1750 (calculated). She died on 2 March 1825.

Susan(nah) WHITHAM (1754?-1830). Susan(nah) was born in 1754 (calculated). She died on 5 March 1830.

Ann WHITHAM (1761?-1824). Ann was born in 1761 (estimated) in Minorca. She married James Patrick 1 MURRAY on 14 March 1780 in Minorca. She died on 2 August 1824 in Berkley, Sussex.

Hugh Williiam WHITHAM (1762?-1785). Hugh was born in 1762 (calculated). He died on 26 July 1785.

Abraham II WHITHAM ( -1805?). Abraham made a will on 10 January 1798. He died in 1805 (estimated).