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Angelina O'BRIEN (c. 1852- )

1. Angelina Rosa Geraldine O'BRIEN, daughter of Rev. the Hon. Henry O'BRIEN ( - ) and Unk UNK ( - ), was born circa 1852 in Ireland. She married John Gerald WILSON on 4 June 1873.


John Gerald WILSON and Angelina Rosa Geraldine O'BRIEN had the following children:


Richard Bassett WILSON (1874-1900). Richard was born in 1874 in Yorkshire, Manfield. He was a Lieutenant, Imperial Yeomanry. He died on 26 July 1900.

Murrough John WILSON (1875- ). Murrough was born on 14 September 1875 in Yorkshire. He had the title 'DL for North Riding, Yorks'. He was a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Army, Unionist Member of Parliament for Richmond, Yorks. He married Sybil May MILBANK on 16 February 1904.

Harriet Anne Dorothy WILSON (1876- ). Harriet was born in 1876 in Yorkshire. She married Frederick Richard MILBANK on 12 July 1904.

Denis Daly WILSON (1878- ). Denis was born on 22 October 1878. He married Mary Henrietta FRANKS on 17 December 1911.

Frank O'Brien WILSON (1883-1962). Frank was born on 30 April 1883 in France. He married Elizabeth Frances PEASE on 25 November 1919 in Middleton Tyas. He died on 7 April 1962 in Kilima Kiu, Kenya.

Gladys Mary WILSON (1880- ). Gladys was born in 1880 in Yorkshire. She married John Beaumont HOTHAM on 15 August 1905.

Gerald Geoffry WILSON (1884-1896). Gerald was born in 1884 in France. He died in December 1896.

Geraldine WILSON (1888- ). Geraldine was born in 1888 in Yorkshire.

Second Generation

2. Rev. the Hon. Henry O'BRIEN, son of unk UNK, married Unk UNK.


3. Unk UNK has few details recorded about her. She and Henry O'BRIEN had the following children:



Angelina Rosa Geraldine O'BRIEN (c. 1852- )

Third Generation

4. unk UNK has few details recorded about him.


unk UNK had the following children:



Henry O'BRIEN ( - )

unk O'BRIEN ( - ). unk had the title '13th Lord Inchquin'.