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Edward KING OF ENGLAND (UNCROWNED) (1016-1057)

1. Edward KING OF ENGLAND (UNCROWNED), son of Edmund II Ironside KING OF THE ENGLISH (981-1016) and Ealdgyth (963-1017), was born in 1016 in Kiev or Hungary. He married Agatha of Brunswick circa 1035 in London, Middlesex. He died in 1057.


Edward the Exile (1016 – February 1057), son of King Edmund Ironside and of Ealdgyth, gained the name of "Exile" from his life spent mostly far from the England of his forefathers. When only a few months old, he was sent by the usurper Canute to be murdered in Denmark, rather than on English soil. Instead, he was secretely brought to Kiev and then made his way to Hungary. On hearing the news of his being alive, Edward the Confessor recalled him to England and made him his heir. However, Edward the Exile died shortly after his return, causing a succession dispute that ultimately led to the Norman Conquest of England.

The paternity of his wife Agatha is debated: the medieval sources agree that she was a sister of Hungarian Queen, and disagree as to other details. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and Florence of Worcester's "Chronicon ex chronicis" describe Agatha as a blood relative of the Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor. Based on these sources, prominent genealogist Szabolcs de Vajay popularized an idea that she was the daughter of the Emperor's elder (uterine) half-brother, Liudolf, Count of Friesland (1962). Agatha's rare Greek name was recently interpreted in favour of a different version, expounded by Geoffrey Gaimar and Roger of Howden, that her father was a "Russian king", i.e. Yaroslav the Wise.

Their children included Edgar Ætheling and Saint Margaret of Scotland.


Agatha of Brunswick and Edward KING OF ENGLAND (UNCROWNED) had the following children:


Saint Margaret "the Exile" (1045-1093). Saint was born in 1045 in Hungary. She died on [Julian] 16 November 1093 in Edinburgh Castle.

Edgar "Aetheling" PRINCE OF ENGLAND (c. 1051-c. 1126). Edgar was born circa 1051. He died circa 1126.


Second Generation

2. Edmund II Ironside KING OF THE ENGLISH, son of Athelred II The Unready KING OF THE ENGLISH and Aelflyd of Northumbria, was born in 0981. He died on 30 November 1016. He was buried in Glastonbury. He married Ealdgyth.


Edmund was King of England for only a few months. After the death of his father, Æthelred II, in April 1016, Edmund led the defense of the city of London against the invading Knut Sveinsson (Canute), and was proclaimed king by the Londoners. Meanwhile, the Witan (Council), meeting at Southampton, chose Canute as King. After a series of inconclusive military engagements, in which Edmund performed brilliantly and earned the nickname "Ironside", he defeated the Danish forces at Oxford, Kent, but was routed by Canute's forces at Ashingdon, Essex. A subsequent peace agreement was made, with Edmund controlling Wessex and Canute controlling Mercia and Northumbria. It was also agreed that whoever survived the other would take control of the whole realm. Unfortunately for Edmund, he died in November, 1016, transferring the Kingship of All England completely to Canute.


3. Ealdgyth was born in 0963. She died of Natural causes in 1017. She was buried in Glastonbury Abbey.


Æthelstan died in 1014, leaving Edmund as heir. A power-struggle began between Edmund and his father, and in 1015 King Æthelred had two of Edmund's allies, Sigeferth and Morcar, executed. Edmund then took Sigeferth's widow, Ældgyth, from the nunnery where she had been imprisoned and married her in defiance of his father.


Edmund II Ironside KING OF THE ENGLISH and Ealdgyth had the following children:



Edward KING OF ENGLAND (UNCROWNED) (1016-1057)

Edmund ( - )

Third Generation

4. Athelred II The Unready KING OF THE ENGLISH, son of Edgar I The Peaceful KING OF THE ENGLSIH and Elfhyrth, was born in 0978. He married Emma de Normandie in 1002. He died on 23 April 1016. He was buried in Old St. Paul's Cathedral. He married Aelflyd of Northumbria. He married Elfreda Gunnarson.


Athelred (Ethelred) 'The Unready' was King of the English from 978 to 1016. The term 'Unready' was probably a misinterpretation of the word 'un-raed' which meant 'lack of council'. It appears that Athelred was not able to make any decisions on his own and relied on the Witan council heavily. Athelred first married Aelfgifu and then in 1002 married Emma the daughter of Richard I Duke of Normandy. In 1013 the Danes invaded England forcing the Saxon king into exile in Normandy. From September of 1013 Swein Fork-Beard of Denmark is acknowledged as King of all England, but he died in February 1014. Swein's son Canute was elected King of England by the Danes but the Witan council elected Athelred. Athelred sent a delegation from Normandy, including his son Edward (the Confessor), to England to discuss his return and in March of 1014 he resumed his reign.


Elfreda Gunnarson and Athelred II The Unready KING OF THE ENGLISH had the following children:


Egbert ( - )


Emma de Normandie and Athelred II The Unready KING OF THE ENGLISH had the following children:


Edward the Confessor KING OF THE ENGLISH ( -1066). Edward died in 1066.

Alfred ( -1036). Alfred died in 1036.

Godgifu ( - )


5. Aelflyd of Northumbria, daughter of Earl Thorold and Hilda, died before 0996.


.. or Elgiva, or Elfleda, Thorold of Northumbria??


Athelred II The Unready KING OF THE ENGLISH and Aelflyd of Northumbria had the following children:


Aethelstan KING OF THE ENGLISH (bef981-1014). Aethelstan was born before 0981. He died in 1014.


Edmund II Ironside KING OF THE ENGLISH (981-1016)

Aelgifu ( - )